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Erhard Pâtisser Glacier: The Best Ice Cream in Alsace

Ever heard of Erhard? They're an Alsace-born (né 1961) ice cream and pastry giant with some truly tasty creations. I've tasted their ice cream before, as the tubs are sold in supermarkets in France, but after a long, hot hike last weekend, I inadvertently stumbled upon their concept store in Kingersheim, just outside of Mulhouse. I was starstruck.

"Les Desserts" is an ice cream parlor and shop all in one, with other 200 different unique flavors for sale (more on that later), and about two dozen to taste on-site. Plus, they have mochi, stunning ice cream cakes, and tons of frozen goodies (think éclairs, macarons, and much, much more). There's something for every sweet tooth.

One whole wall of the delightfully cool store is taken up by an enormous freezer featuring tubs of the brand's 200+ flavors on offer, from special editions to classics. Some noteworthy flavors: five different kinds of vanilla, coffee, and chocolate, and several different kinds of pistachio and strawberry, all based on the provenance of their ingredients. (Forget Mambo No. 5, try Erhard's Pistache No. 3!) Then, if you're still not convinced, they also have more outlandish flavors like foie gras, Roquefort, poppy, balsamic vinegar and more. They have boozy ones as well, from Champagne to Marc de Gewurtzraminer (a liqueur made from the dregs of the traditional Alsatian wine).

I wonder if they've ever done a Munster flavor... you know, to honor their Alsatian roots...

Anyway, let's talk prices. The 500 ml tubs were between 3€95 and 5€25, and I paid 6€95 for an 8-pack of mochi (matcha, sakura, coconut and mango!). As far as I could tell, most of the cakes were between 10 and 15€. It's definitely a luxury, but for desserts made in France, with French milk, eggs and cream, and other top-notch ingredients sourced from all over the world, I was fairly impressed by the prices.

In the tasting part of the parlor, I opted for three scoops of both ice cream and sorbet in a cup: pêche de vigne (wild peach), passionfruit and chocolate, with a deliciously unctuous whipped cream. My partner in crime got coffee and salted caramel in a cone, plus an espresso. I was expecting an astronomical bill, but we paid just 10€20 for everything. They have space indoors and outdoors, and they seem to have perfected their popular operation so that by the time you've waited in line and paid for your treat, a table has opened up for you to sit down and enjoy.

All in all, I cannot recommend Erhard and their "Les Desserts" store enough – this isn't even sponsored content (unless...?), I just really fell in love with this place. I can't wait to go back and taste a little bit of everything. Une très, très bonne découverte !

Have you tasted Erhard's ice cream before? What's your favorite flavor?

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