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Welcome to Une Bouchée A Day: New and Improved!

Salut, mes beautés!

I'm Áine (pronounced "An-ya"), and I'm a freelance journalist and English teacher in Alsace, France. I created this blog for all Francophiles, from TAPIF English assistants, to study abroad students, to anyone who's ever dreamed of moving to France, because I wanted to show 1). that life exists outside of Paris, and 2). that life in France is far from perfect.

I've been obsessed with the French language since I was seven years old, and I majored in journalism and French in college, lucking out with two amazing study abroad opportunities in Arles, a small town in the South of France, and Paris in 2017. My love for and understanding of the nuances of French culture have only grown since then – and they're still growing!

Previously, Une Bouchée A Day was a place for me to document, yes, every single thing I ate during my year as a Fulbright English Teaching Assistant. As we all know, food is much more than just calories – for me, it helped track my emotional and mental journey throughout the past year, too. (And it's been a crazy one...) So, if you ever want to scroll back, you can find those diaries in the archives.

In the new and improved Une Bouchée A Day 2.0, you'll find a lot of different content: as usual, everything I'm eating in Alsace, but also lesson plan ideas for English assistants, tips for moving to France, bullet journal inspiration, funky French expressions and their English counterparts, and more. My Instagram account will highlight my real day-to-day experience in a small town in the Grand Est region, and of course, it will be imperfect, because I'm not always holding a baguette and wearing an impossibly chic outfit. I don't know anyone in France that is. I'm probably more likely to be eating a PastaBox and sending an angry email to the préfecture about my visa. But c'est la vie!

Subscribe to my blog so you don't miss a post, and follow me on Instagram for an unfiltered glimpse into my life in France (well, as unfiltered as you can get on social media).

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