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REVIEW: Quaint Omnino Café Serves Quality Coffee in Mulhouse

Every morning, on my way to work and school at the local university, I get off the bus and hop on a tram at République, a square in the middle of Mulhouse with lots of comings and goings.

Sous les arcades.

Sometimes – rarely – I'm early, and on those days, I'm always looking for a pick-me-up to ensure that I stay awake in class. There are a few boulangeries nearby, but recently, a new coffee shop caught my eye and will potentially become my go-to spot. Nestled under the arcades, or a series of archways between the Place de la République and the train station, Les Arcades d'Omnino offers quality coffee and tasty bites, with kind and attentive service.

Omnino, the brand, has several other cafés and shops around Alsace, including a specialty store a few blocks away in Mulhouse and three boutiques in Strasbourg.

The first thing that drew me to this particular Omnino café was without a doubt its ambiance and décor. Les arcades aren't necessarily the most aesthetic spot in Mulhouse, but Omnino's chic black and white tile, dusky pink accents, colorful pillows, flamboyant wallpaper and vintage wood bar allow it to stand out and brighten its slightly drab surroundings.

And it's not just the décor that differentiates Omnino. A micro-brûlerie, they roast their own coffee beans, and as the kind barista explained to me, they do a medium-roast to avoid any bitterness in their coffee and to ensure that it remains fruity and aromatic. I haven't seen many – if any – others offering cold brew in Mulhouse, and theirs is a solid batch, at 2€50 a cup (3€ with milk). It's really a place for coffee lovers to discover new flavors and beans from around the world. They are also also happy to help you or give you more information about their specialty coffees, with no judgment or pretension. (The only thing I haven't asked about yet is their ethical approach.)

In addition to cold brew, they also offer espresso drinks and filtered coffee, of course, as well as more specialized, gentler brewing methods like Chemex or V60. You can also get some food to accompany your coffee, from affogato, ice cream and sorbets to viennoiseries (special mention for the hazelnut croissant) to sandwiches. They don't have an enormous selection, but it's more than enough for a petite faim.

All in all, I've visited thrice in the past week, and I can safely say that it's a cozy, bright and welcoming spot to grab coffee with a friend, hunker down and get some work done, or stop in for an on-the-go cold brew before class.

Mulhouse may be home to an ever-popular Starbucks to satisfy your craving for an extra sweet pumpkin spice latte (of which I am also a proponent), but Les Arcades d'Omnino is a spot dedicated to the pure, unadulterated taste of good coffee.

Happy sipping! Bisous !

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